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Leatherman Micra

Since my trusted Victorinox was confiscated by Singapore Airlines last year, I have been putting off buying a new one for so long. Yet I missed it very so often. There’s always that loose screw or the tag on the new shirt that I need to cut off. And I hate looking for tools. I am disorganized! I need something that doesn’t go hide under the bed.


Today I got myself a new keychain pocket knife. The Leather man doesn’t look as polished, but definitely more rugged. The Micra is a little bigger and heavier at 50 g. But the scissors can definitely take on bigger jobs than cloth tags. And there isn’t a tooth pick like the Victorinox classic (which I never find a use of anyway). It’s also about twice the price, but I think it’s worth it. 🙂



I stole the flash animation from Leatherman’s website. Now I said it. Don’t sue me, ok?

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