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Friends map


I’m still in the process of adding points to the map 🙂 sometimes the flash doesn’t work. I don’t know why. But you can also see it full-sized at “”: . It’s not easy finding out the coordinates of peoples sometimes, especially those in bangkok. If you have GPS and would like to give me the exact numbers, please do so. 😀

update I link to a few peoples in bangkok, but apparently the difference between Asoke and Siam Square is not so apparent on the scale of the world map 😛 All the dots are on top of one another.. sigh.. may be I’ll add a separate map for Thailand?

Powered by Mikel Maron’s “WorldKit”:

Latitude & longitude mostly found with “Maporama”: .

h2. XFN

This site actually has been “XFN-friendly”: for quite a while now. But because all the XFN _rel_ information has so far been in the blogroll in the shape of javascript call to “”:http://blog.s , “RubHub”: has not been able to crawl the site. So with the above map I will manually update the XFN blogroll here too. (I hope there will be a better way soon)

To easily view the XFN information, you can use “XFN dump v2”:

* bact’
* Mk
* whatistheshape
* sgtowns
* Gowza
* p-joy
* Nok
* Tor
* Lynn
* Sergio
* sericomic
* znoopie

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