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Drupal CVS

I’m running last night’s Drupal CVS on ichris.ws now, with mixed result. There are many nice new features in the CVS but it also means many of the old features ceased to be working. There were considerable development in the past few days (even hours), so I think I’ll stick with this a while longer before deciding if I have to step back to 4.4.2.

(There’re many database changes and I hope I won’t have to do that :S)

Things that doesn’t work right now:

* “contact me” form, you can still leave comments, though
* uploading image to my posts
* weblinks
* trackback
* view by topics

I suspect this is because some minor changes in the way modules interact with Drupal. The modules that stopped working doesn’t show any ‘description’ in the admin/modules page right now. Hmm.. can I possibly fix this myself instead of waiting for the updates…

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