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The Un-Singaporized


It’s always interesting on campus nearing the start of term. It is now 1 week until the first lecture, and the area is buzzing again. There are new (and young) faces around, friends meeting after months of goofing off, and all the canteen finally open beyond 3pm.

But the part I like most about it is to look at all the students coming over from different places. There is now a fair percentage of people from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and of course China. There’re also many indian and few pakistanese, though I find it difficult telling them apart from the local indian folks. Thais and Filipinos are still considered minorities, counting about 30 each.

After a few months, all of them will look almost the same, act the same, and sounded Singlish all the same. It is more fun now to watch and guess where each of them is from.
* keychain hanging on their belt loop? China
* tanned, sporty, bermudas & slippers? The locals
* that unique slowly-and-kinda-sleepy accent? Vietnam
* looks local, but nervous? Malaysia
* immaculate and sexy? well Thailand of course 😀


I also find it very amusing looking at the freshers. The way they try to act all grown up, walking as far away from the parents (who’re helping them move in) as possible. And no talking! unless it’s absolutely necessary. “Oh mom, you talk to me all these last 3 months, can’t you act cool just for the day?”

I was like that too. 😛 Sorry, mom.

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