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It’s that time again


I have a confession to make. I got the thrill from reinstalling Windows.

That is for my own machines and other’s alike. I’m a control freak and perfectionist when it comes to computer. I want it to run as fast as possible, with as little garbages and useless processes in the memory as possible. (No auto-updater for my music player, please!) I want my machine lean and mean. No pretty programs that doesn’t get jobs done. (Although it helps when something is nice to look at)

_I know! I shoulda switched away from win32. Oh you just wait for me there, you sweet little 14-inch iBook._

Anyway, the process of installing programs, patching the system with all the security updates, tweaking everything, protecting it with firewall/antivirus/anti-adware, these all feel like raising a child to me. It’s like teaching it how to be good, how the world outside works, and how to survive all the dangers that it poses.

I’m doing it now, continuing from last night, because the 8-month cumulative bugginess got on my nerve. It was working, but not perfectly.

If you’re reading, mom. Don’t get too worried. I do have a life here. Honest! 🙂

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