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unicode font ฟอนท์ unicode


Why is it so hard to find a decent unicode font? I was looking so long for one with characters in the Thai language range, to use for my post title. There were a few but most are crap.

The few unicode fonts that come with Windows do have all the glyphs, but they were plain ugly. And the english and thai glyph doesn’t match at all. They just try to put Times with any serif fonts and Arial with any san-serif. (And who want these two in prints? let alone one the web) Also the fonts are badly scaled to match the x-height for thai and english characters.

Tahoma would be the only one decent font from the lot. Looks good at text down to subscript sizes, but it is far too industrial as header text.

Today I found this font called code2000 from “ωωω.őřωέłł.řů test page”: , and think it might do the job (for now, I really need to use thai header sometimes). The latin glyphs look quite humanist and relax, but thai glyphs are blocky. The font is still beta, and I’m still checking if I need a license. Anyway, here it is now. If anyone knows of unicode font (truetype or opentype) with good looking thai and english characters, do let me know ya? 🙂


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