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Beep! Blogger detected on radar


Just saw in Louis’s “post”: that he came near here a few days ago. It was the “Johor Bahru”: (JB for peoples here) border, and that’s only about 5–30 kilometres away from my flat, depends on whereabout in JB. 🙂

_I want to go out too!!! Curse this thesis and hope it spends ethernity in the library’s darkest corner!_

He has stated one very nature of Thai peoples, which I couldn’t agree more with:

Thai people have an insatiable appitite for posing for photos in front of things; war monuments, huge skyscrapers, even hotels. The concept of photography for artistic value escapes these people.

Ask any thai friends for pictures from their latest trip, and you’ll understand. 😛

The part about indian food is also quite true, I’m surprised it is the case even for those in the sounth.

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