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Blogger rant


This is talking about “Blogger”: the site, not blogger the peoples.

I really really hate it when I’m “asked to log-in”: before leaving comments on Blogger-driven sites. They introduced the commenting features literally years after other systems, yet the end-product is so disappointingly backward and user-unfriendly.
* Leaving comments anonymously is optional, it should be the other way around.
* For whatever reasons, it took a while before the comments appear on blogs.
* No trackback, still.

What have the developer been doing? Adding “buttons”: here and there. Blogger was slow pre-google-takeover, it is even slower now in terms of development.

“Baba”: “switched”: to “Haloscan”: a while back, and I would recommen that to anyone, anywhere, using Blogger. I’m not going to list the features here, but do check it out. It’s pretty neat.

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