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The Political Compass


I didn’t even know what left- or right-winger beliefs refer to. So after seeing Mike’s “post”: I jumped at the chance of finding it out.

Take the “test”: .

The results:

* extreme left is -10 and extreme right is 10, I scored -4.50. Chris the socialist!
* libertarian is -10 and authoritarian is 10, I scored -2.26.

On the result page lists the score charts of some world leaders, as _experts_ had estimated. Saddam is on the left wing together with the pope, Jacque Chirac, and Nelson Mandela. Most other world leaders are on the right, with George W. Bush the right-most. It seems my scores are closest to Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

Learning new things everyday. 🙂

[via “seriocomic”: ]

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