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Firefox extension updates


Currently installed:
* “googletoolbar”: Can’t live without this
* “All-In-One Gestures”: 0.11.1. And this
* “SwitchProxy Tool”: 1.3. Make life easier cuz I VPN to my school a lot
* “Web Panel Enhancer”: 0.1.5. Opens downloads, entensions, in side panel
* “DownloadWith”: 0.0.7. Opens my Reget Deluxe to download big files
* “Launcy”: 3.1.0. Mostly use this to check how looks in IE and Opera
* “AdBlock”: 0.5.2+ *Awesome!*
* “McSearchPreview”: 1.1. Adds preview to Google and a few other search engines. Works better than “GooglePreview”: .
** If there’s no preview, default image is shown
** Makes thumbnail of the front page of a domain and uses that for sub pages too.
* “Gmail Notifier”: 0.3.3. Still not using my Gmail that much, but it’s nice to have (because it’s the only account I cannot check with Thunderbird). Would be nice if it’ll just connect to Gmail automatically without me clicking it everytime, though.
* “Paste and Go”: 0.3.1. Lets me paste URI in the address bar and automatically opens it. Saves 0.5 second and a few muscle flex.
* “Bookmarks Synchronizer”: 0.9.6. Synch the bookmark with a copy on my server through FTP. For someone on the run a lot.
* “Down Them All”: 0.2.1. Download every links on a page. Would be so awesome if this could work with DownloadWith
* “Sage”: 1.2. *wow!* A much better RSS aggregator than the old one in side panel.
** *”livemark”: won’t cut it for RSS.* This is more the answer.
** show feeds content in main window now, so images in feed works.
** import/export OPML. Actually the exporting still kinda sucks, but importing works for me.
** Technorati link button. Convenient.
** make use of autodiscovery for easily adding of feeds.
** Works with RSS 0.92, 1.0, 2.0, and Atom (0.3?) now.
** Alt+S open
** Bye bye “FeedDemon” ~~~~
* “BugMeNot”: 0.3. Provides working passwords for sites that, although free, wants your detail.

Firefox is almost always on on my machine, so I guess it’s worthwhile to equip it well.

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