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Design tweaks

There have been quite a few changes here and there in the past few days. This is the change log:

  • Removed ornament lines below each post, use white space instead.
  • Tagboard added. Feel free to use it. Text only.
  • Makes navigation grey. There were a bit too much orange.
  • Centered the comment/trackback link
  • Adopting the beautiful px02┬áicon set by Frederico Olivieara.
  • Forms are now styled, with focus & hover states.

In implementing the last two items, I decided to finally start using some CSS2 selectors. This is not IE6-compatible. But with the recent alternative browser push, I think it’s the right time to move on.

No functionality is lost in IE , but the site will be a bit less beautified. In CSS lingo, this is called graceful degradation, and is the desired behaviour when page is viewed in older browsers. IE6 definitely falls on this category now.

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