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I got a book on Origami about a month back, from the sales at “Borders.”: It is my first proper “book”: on the subject, with history and basic techniques outlined for you. It’s not an outstanding book but a pretty good one at S$10.50. 🙂 (hardcover, mind)

After reading it almost cover to cover, and doing it on home-cut 70-grams white paper, I finally got myself some origami papers from “Kinokuniya.”: They have great stationaery corners, with plenty of what I looked for. But these authentic japanese things can be really expensive. I finally got myself 300 sheets of practice papers for $7 and about 80 sheets of the nicer one for about $10.

Here are the first few attempts. 🙂

the frog can talk if you squeeze the end parts together ; )

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