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Olympic update


I will admit I hardly follow the “competition,”: what with work and the English Premier League just started at a similar time. So these are all I have gathered regarding results so far:
* Thailand got the first non-boxing gold from woman weight lifting.
* Michael Phelps is a pretty good swimmer.
* Singapore must feel a bit shattered.

Their badminton player, Ronald Susilo, beated the world number one in earlier round, and hopes were high that he’ll go all the way. It’s on the front page of all (two) newspapers here, and everybody at school were talking about it the whole of today. That’s risky emotional investment, if you ask me.

And he “lost”: in the quarter final.

P.S. I know nowadays we keep all sorts of statistic at sporting events, but “number of shuttles used” in each badminton game??

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