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“Tiger”: is our family dog. He is 7 year old now and got his name from Tiger Woods. He’s a “Shih Tzu”: but doesn’t look much like one with his short hair. I’m writing about him now because I’m missing him badly.

He who greets me first at the end of each day and demand access to my smelly socks. He who waits by the sofa til I remember and take him to his pad. He who lies in front of my bedroom door on weekend mornings (may be he’s just enjoying the air-con).

He enjoys ethernal petting, having his stomach scratched, and eating chesnut. He’s allergic to chocolate, and hates ants.

Tiger has been ill for the most part of his life. He was born with a heart condition and one weak leg, and couldn’t do as much as going up stairs on his own climbing up/down the sofa (my dad would say this’s a blessing). Yet he’s capable of putting smiles on your face.

The vet has always been saying he might not live very long. And when someone tell you that while the doggy is having his bi-monthly “EKG”: taken, it sounds kind of real. He had to be on this sad diet which is like vegetarian for dogs. We don’t talk too much about it in the family, but we silently bein prepared for the day that will come.

But then for the last 2 years, ol mighty Tiger has gotten better without explaining to us how he did it. He can runs, eat beefballs, and actually jumps (like a cat, mom said). The EKG is only done once a year now, just to be cautiuos, and looks normal. The vet is non the wiser, but said we can consider him as having normal heart now. And he could well live a very long life.

The first time I was extendedly away (6 months) he couldn’t remember me when I walk into the house, and was so surprised to hear a familiar voice calling. Poor dog must have thought I was a goner. After that he kind of accepts that I’m away a lot. He understands, but will be very upset if I leave for the airport without saying goodbye. He knows that luggages mean I’m going for a while.

I hope I can take him out for a walk sometimes soon.

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