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Mourinho’s interview


In recent past, it looks as if the only time Chelsea employs attacking tactic were in the press room. Well, that’s what peoples say anyway. I’m more than happy with how the team is doing now, and with the new manager. 🙂

‘You must stop and ask yourself why English teams are not successful when they go abroad and don’t win UEFA competitions any more – and why England, with top managers and top players, do not win World Cups and European Championships.

‘Spanish teams, Italian teams and Portuguese teams can win the Champions League but why were Manchester United the last ones from England to do it in 1999 when everything is great here?

‘I don’t think I have to answer that question but people from this country should.

‘I think, one day, it will be possible, though, for this Chelsea team to do it. One day.

‘Of course, I want more from my team. We can improve our quality of play but at the moment we are looking at a seven-week-old baby with half the players new and a new manager.

‘I cannot see how you can compare that to a seven-year-old child, like with Mr (Arsene) Wenger at Arsenal.

‘They were a fantastic team last season and still are. I cannot say a word against them, but he (Wenger) couldn’t win the Champions League.

‘My philosophy of the game is like his – to win and also play good football. If you ask me whether I prefer to win 1-0 or 5-0 there is no doubt about my answer. If we can play beautiful, we play beautiful – I want people to enjoy it.
Jose Mourinho’s interview, from ESPN Soccernet

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