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Shooting stars


In old chinese stories, stars on the sky represent the lifes of people on earth. When there is a shooting star, someone has just passed away.

There were two shooting stars in my sky in the past two days. One is the star of my Chiangmai relative, and one is of my late teacher, Prof. Rainer Radok. Both were bright and charismatic stars and I will miss them.

My auntie leaves me fond memories, my prof that and some. In his long academic life he has written up countless pieces and spent amazingly long time putting them online. (even more amazing was that he was already over 60 at the inception of the internet.) These he wrote or translated.

* “Life of Rainer Radok”:
* “Experiences of theTwentieth Century Saga”:
* “Physics and Mathematics for Everybody”:
* “An anthology of the discovery of Australia”:
* “Australia’s coast and environment”:
* “Flinders University’s Earth Sciences 1963-1972”:

It feels different looking at his work knowing he has gone to better places (as we said in Thailand).

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