Month: September 2004

IKEA craze

I have a weak spot for IKEA. Very weak. Almost liquid. I felt like melting when I saw the new IKEA catalog had arrived in the mail. I’m more excited than if it has been Victoria’s Secrets’. Now, I’ll be spending the next hour going through it while sipping hot cocoa, gasping now and then. […]


That right foot of David Beckham once had it broken, Wayne Rooney just recovered from its fractured, and Steven Gerrard broken his not long ago. This must be the most famous bone in the football world today. This is where it is: We have 5 of them in each foot (at least I do :P). […]

Manga Scanlation

Despite its 96% literacy rate, a national survey recently claimed that Thais only spend 14 minutes reading each day, amounting to 8 lines / person / day. These numbers seem absurd, but I won’t go into the details. My point in brining this up is: I think they didn’t count the reading of japanese comics […]

Premiership all-time standing

Martin Tyler of SkySport composed this table, with data until 20 September 2004. I’m pleasantly surprised Chelsea is not that far down from Liverpool. ALL-TIME PREMIERSHIP POINTS TABLE POS TEAM PLD PTS POS TEAM PLD PTS 1 MAN UTD 474 992 20 CHARLTON 196 242 2 ARSENAL 474 879 21 N FOREST 198 239 3 […]

Back in LaTeX fold

Now that I’m writing up my thesis, it’s back to TeX hacking again. I’ve updated MikTeX to current version and installed some 20 packages on my home machine. As I write, I think there might be time to add to LaTeX for Thai too, that section has been unchanged for quite a while because I […]