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Taskbar addition


I’m very picky about what gets on my windows taskbar and quick launch tab (contrary to the desktop, anything goes there). Today there is one addition to the sacred real estate. This is the very dull, greyish, icon at bottom left of the taskbar. It belongs to DynAdvance‘s “Mail Notifier”: .

I use “Thunderbird”: to check 4 of my IMAP accounts (“FastMail”: and school’s). But the Gmails had been a small problem until now. (small because I haven’t been using them that extensively, yet) The “official”: Gmail Notifier or the “Firefox extension”: only checks 1 account. DynAdvance’s notifier can check any number of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, or POP3 accounts, which is quite useful. It will be _really_ useful when they start supporting IMAP too.

*Side Note*
Taskbar entries:
* Unplug or Eject Hardware (USBs)
* Volume Control
* PestPatrol
* Language Switcher
* Mail Notifier
* WiFi signal indicator
* Kaspersky Anti-Virus

There use to be one more, Agnitum Outpost Firewall, but now I have that run in the background.

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