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Dilbert The Animation


*Dogbert:* I’ll feint interest and ask you what you’re doing. But my sub-text would be ‘I don’t really care’.
*Dilbert:* I’m trying to buy a computer over the internet.
*Dogbert:* So you’re on a computer, trying to buy a computer, from…essentially another computer.
*Dilbert:* And your point is?
*Dogbert:* Who needs you?
*Dilbert:* What are you talking about?
*Dogbert:* Isn’t it obvious? You’re letting the computers take over. You’re a useless appendage doomed to add to add to its being and finally disappear.
*Dilbert:* Stop turning this into a science fiction story. I’m just trying to buy a computer.
*Dogbert:* Ah…that’s what they _want_ you to think. What you’re really doing is helping computers all around the world link up to form a colossal super-being. Once it achieve conciousness, _SPLASH!_ , I’d say the human race has pretty much served its purpose.

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