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JustBlogIt with a simple right-click.

JustBlogIt is a firefox extension allowing you to right-click in a webpage and post a blog entry about it. Native support for many blogging system including “Drupal,”: “WordPress,”: and “TextPattern.”: I’m not listing the more famous systems as they have many many of this kind of support already. But for Drupal, it’s the first one that works for me. (There used to be “BlogThis” kind of bookmarklet, but it breaks at around Drupal version 4.3 upward)

For Drupal, the extension allows you to choose which type of node to post to, which is useful. It doesn’t fill the title field like when used with MovableType, nor has options to turn on/off comments or filters. (Of course, you can set all these in the pop-up windows)

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