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Good site for guitar chords


“”: is really an awesome site! The collection is quite complete (for the kind of songs I was looking for), but the real catch is the important pages…the lyric and chords (or tablature).

It is so well done, with fixed-width font to position things and nice javascript to pop-up chord pattern when you hover cursor over a chord name. You can choose variations of chord pattern to show, shift the key up or down in half or full steps, and even display left-handed chord patterns.

See, for example, Jet’s “Look What You’ve Done.”:

There are usually many submitted chords for each songs. While searching you can limit the result to rhythm chords, or even non-barred chords (pain for newbies).

I just rewarded myself (for finally submitted a long-overdue paper to a journal) with learning 2 new songs. 🙂 “Kiss Me”: by Sixpence none the richer and “Don’t Tell Me”: by Avril Lavigne.

Yeah, I’m such a sissy.

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