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New design marked


How timely is this?! I just redesigned this site today. (named the new theme _palindrome_ ) And today, Chu Yeow “wrote”: about this great site called “Silktide SiteScore,”: which rates how well designed, popular and accessible your website is.

So, on to the scores:

  • *6.9 for Marketing* How well marketed, and popular the website is.
  • *7.9 for Design* How well designed and built the website is.
  • *5.6 for Accessibility* How accessible the website is, particularly to those with disabilities.
  • *6.9 Experience* How satisfying the website is likely to be.
  • *6.8 Overall*

I’d say it’s not bad for a design done in an afternoon. (from Photoshop mock-up to XHTML, or at least I think) I wonder what they use to judge user experience, though.

But the best part is, the site also suggested ways for you to improve the rating. Apparently I did quite well on speed and google ranking, but I need to use meta tags and make the site more accessible. I’m a sucker for standard, _especially_ web standards. So I’ll be spending some time improving the score. I’m shooting for an 8.0, is that too much?

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