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S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

Eric Meyer, the grandfather of CSS, has done it again. S5 is short for “Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System”. It uses only XHTML, CSS, and javascript to make decent slide shows, which display swiftly in all standard compliant browsers.

The goods:

  • A single XHTML file for a whole slide show
  • mouse and keyboard responds like normal slide show programs, jumping back and ahead, or jump to a particular page.
  • Slide template = 1 CSS file. Ha! This is my stuff.
  • With separate screen and print CSS, one file can be used for both the slides and compact printout
  • I suppose with some “display: none” trick, one can make a speaker’s note CSS as well.

Check out the “introductory slides,”: and make sure to see the source. Beautiful semantic XHTML!

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