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The Death Truck

That is what the singapore press called it, and I expected nothing else. In fact, my only surprise is that it has taken this many days before the story was splashed across the front page.

Singapore might have been friendly when their leader visits Thailand, but they are never slow in painting the country brutal and uncivilized in local and international press. Many times in the past, such story were picked up by CNN and friends not from their correspondences in Thailand, but from singapore press. Why? The version here sounded much more gruesome. Many people has explained Singapore’s action with conspiracy theories against Thailand. And I’m beginning to believe it more everyday.

What is it with not allowing any thing to be said about your own government, yet stories with little or no research about other countries are encouraged. Lee Kuan Yew once “said”:

“democracy and a free press did not necessarily lead to a good government”

Very well, then.

The indicent in southern Thailand is not something I am proud of, nor the way it was handled. Yet looking at the way it is painted in today’s newspaper makes me want to laugh. I mean, is this all you can do after holding back on the story for many days?

  • In the 4 pages feature, not once has anything the thai officials, or the government, or the PM, said, been mentioned. The space is given completely to interviews of sad victims’ parents.
  • Nothing whatsover was said about what actually lead to the incident, only that it started from a ‘peaceful protest’.
  • Of course, it is more important how many people died.
  • One boy said he was there just to watch the protest, out of curiousity . And that he was wrongfully arrested.
  • Another boy said he didn’t want to go, but his friends insisted, why was he being arrested?
  • In my book, when thousands of peoples are surrounding a police station, protesting. If you are there, you’re not a bystander.
  • They complained policemen kicked and forced them to lie down on the ground. “They also used water guns and tear gases”.
  • I believe only 2 persons where killed by bullets fired.
  • Did I say the reporters’ photograph used in the feature were those took while they were reporting back from Bagdad, with sand gear and all. We don’t need sand gear in Thailand.

These are gullible teenagers herded there to build a protest. It’s nothing new, and you don’t have to look at the south to see this. It is one of the easiest way politicians and mafia make disruptions in our country. Many of our youth are still that stupid.

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