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Net getting faster


A few days ago, I switched from windows 2000 to XP-SP2 because I want to write a “guide”: on formatting and installing windows from scratch. It was for a friend who had never done it before. And the result on my home PC is what I had expected. XP is slow! Compared to my optimized 2000 SP4, things are very sluggish and I quite regret the decision. But I stick with it because re-installing windows and my plethora of programs twice in a week is just too tiring.

Just out of ceriousity, I ran the “broadband speed test”: today. And about 10 minutes ago, there was a scream of joy echoed through the whole block. My record was a pityful 245/121 kbps about 2 weeks ago. That was not what I “paid”: for, not at all. Today the number goes up to 861/115 kbps—still just half of what is promised. But considered the test is to a server in California, it is acceptable. The 2 tests were done roughly at the same time of day, and both wer on a weekdays, so I think the difference in speed is real.

Now, is it really my switch to XP that does it? Or was it something complete different? If it is XP, then there is no way I am going back.

Running the “tweak test”: shows that the setting is a little different now on XP, compared to 2000. The TCP RWIN (Recieving Window) is now 17520, which must be the default because this is a fresh install. In 2000, it was 65535. The rest are pretty much the same. The RWIN couldn’t have been the reason because I did use “Doctor TCP”: to bump it way up.

About the only thing different now is that I just enabled encryption in my home wireless LAN. (Is 64bit key long enough for home?) That should also make no difference. So I am still at lost why the number suddenly go up 4 times. But hey, I’m not complaining.


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