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Esperanto: Multilingual Information Center: English (angla)

Esperanto is an international language. That is, it does not belong to any country or ethnic group. It was invented in 19th century in hope of a neutral language for world communication. Interesting idea. I like that it is _planned,_ and supposedly easy to learn. It uses latin alphabet with little diacritics (two), and have very simple grammar and vocabulary.

For example, all nouns end with O, and adjectives end with A

* amiko = friend
* sana = healthy
* strato = street

To make a plural, append J, amikoj = many friends. And to make an adverb, change A at teh end of adjective to E. Click “here”: for a longer introduction, or try “translate”: an English word to Esperanto.

Anybody speaks Esperanto around here? 😛 There’s an “online course.”: May be I’ll start blogging in Esperanto! 😀 I’ll just have to _lernu_ it first.

“La hundo amas la katon.” (The dog loves the cat.)

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