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Chelsea goes top


Arjen Robben celebrating after his goal

Ha! So we lost once to Man City, but who can remember that now? The defeat actually seem to do us much good, as seen from the attacking football (and goals) that followed. At the same time the _invincible_ gunner had gone 5 games without winning after _that_ game at Old Trafford. (God, the newspapers are still talking about it)

Our good run coincide with the return of Arjen Robben, who I think is brilliant. Not since Zola had my anticipation goes up so high every time the ball is on his feet. Good time to be a blue fan, definitely. 🙂

Anyway, here’s the current league table:

|_. Team|_. P|_. W|_. D|_. L|_. F|_. A|_. Pts|
(dark). |Chelsea|12|9|2|1|17|3|29|

I’ll include Man Utd, but the table will get pretty long. 😉

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