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Gmail POP access


Google is starting to “offer POP access”: for their Gmail service. As with the upgrade of Hotmail or Yahoo, the change is propagating slowly through the accounts. As I’m writing this, I still don’t see the option in my 2 accounts. But Google “said”: we will all have it in several weeks.

Gmail POP access setting screen

It’s neither a good or bad news for me, as I won’t be using the feature. I’m using Gmail because of the web interface and all its niceties, not the name or the 1GB. If I want POP … wait … that’s a wrong question. If I want to read mails in my own client, I’d stick with “Fastmail”: and “IMAP.”: I never want anything to do with “POP”: no more. (there’re gonna be many a frustrated screams when people accidentally wipe out their 1GB mailbox with POP)

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