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I don’t need you, fruit salad plant

The smallest change around here used to be the 1 cent coin. I’m glad they stopped using that, but still, even the 5 cents has been a pain for me to carry around. It is worth only slightly more than 1 baht, and you cannot get anything for 5 cent.

You can still get 2 candies in Thailand with 1 baht. (It used to be 3 candies, oh how time changed :P) I think the only reason for its existence is so the prices in supermarket and 7-11 can be $4.95, $11.95, and such.

singapore coints

I have about $15 worth of the copper now, and the only thing it seems to be good for is the occasional round of poker in the house.

trivia The current singapore coin set has pictures of native plants on them:

  • 1 cent — Vanda Miss Joaquim
  • 5 cent — Fruit Salad Plant
  • 10 cent — Jasmine
  • 20 cent — Powder-puff Plant
  • 50 cent — Yellow Allamanda
  • 1 dollar — Periwinkle

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