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Konfabulator for windows


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Konfabulator icon

The coolest looking desktop enhancer has finally arrived this shore. (of the OS ocean) “Konfabulator,”: of course, looks amazing. But it potentially will replace a few of my small desktop enhancers as the number of useful “windgets”: are just mind blowing. I’m seeing 383 widgets for windows now, while that is somewhat less than those available for Mac, it’s still a lot! (Ok, about a half a hundred of them are clocks)

Basically, these widgets are like small desktop applications: Gmail checker, weather forcast, dictionary/wikipedia search, world times, and other stuffs. And Konfabulator is the framework for these to work. It’s based on XML and javascript, and to “create your own widget”: is similar to creating a web application. To use a widget is even simpler, they come in a single file and you just put it anywhere in your system and double-click.

I wish I can show some pictures, but my desktop is not anything to brag about. Better check it out at the official site.

Oh, this costs money. I don’t normally recommend non open-source software, but this looks so cool there is sure to be no open-source replacement.

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