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WB Editor

How on earth has this exist without my knowing? There are not that many desktop blogging program for windows. Two notable ones are w.bloggar and ecto. While w.bloggar is free, the development is just so slow and still does not support unicode. Ecto, on the other hand, is not free, but make up for it with better feature list. However it is still a Mac software ported to win32. It just work, but not so great. And setting up an account is not intuitive. Both does'nt support drupal's category system very well. (zero support in w.bloggar, and patchy in ecto).

(I haven't tried Zempt, but it seems too MovableType-centric and would not suit me, I think.)

I have always wanted a good desktop application to compose my blog on. But no program seems to cut it until now. Here comes WB Editor. My first impression is… It's so beautiful. I mean, the above three programs are less than pretty. So I will settle for something decent looking, but this is real eye candy! As you can see it supports multiple blog authoring, displaying nicely with details (engine type, auto-generated preview, URI, and even the metadata) in the main screen.

WB Editor main screen

Setting up new account is a breeze. Out of the box, it supports b2, Blogger, Drupal, XOOPS, E-Xoops, Moveable Type, Nucleus, PMachine, PostNuke, dasBlog, and WordPress. (And all their commecial cousins like TypePad and Expression Engine) If you are on one of these, you simply need to input the main URI and that's it. For other systems, you need the address of your XML-RPC API and specify if you are using Blogger or MovableType API. (It's not as complicated as it sounds)

The Drupal support is the best I have seen in any application. I guess this is due in some part to the increased popularity after Durpal 4.5 was released.

Double-click on the blog name and a list of existing posts appeared.

WB Editor showing older posts

The rich-text editor is good and produce valid XHTML code. You can switch back to code view anytime to add stuffs. (like CSS class to image)

Rich text editor and category selection

Other nice features are

  • specifying trackback URIs
  • image upload works well
  • spell checker
  • multiple-category support 
  • custom permalink (I don't use this but it's nice)
  • inserting "now playing" from iTunes or WinAmp.
  • did I say it's so beautiful I want to propose?

The official site also says something about integration with RSS readers like SharpReader and FeedDemon. I haven't tried that since I stopped using any RSS reader and read all my daily stuffs with Bloglines.

This sure is worth $19.99.

P.S. This is, of course, posted with WB Editor. 😉

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