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Public domain book

Seeing Mk’s post on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Robot series, I’m beginning to want to read them. When I learn that it was started back in the early 50’s, I thought I could find it in Project Guthenberg.

Apparently I was wrong. I must have confused it with the US patent, which has a life of 20 years. Apparently, in the US, books only became public domain 90 years after the author is dead. (Actually it’s more complicated, but it’s a long time.) It made more senses this way, but it means I will have to see if they have it in the local libraries.

I have tons of popular science books, but haven’t really read much sci-fi. This is mostly because I’m a physicist and afraid I will be disappointed, like when I watch most of them in movie form. (I like Contact a lot, and read the book after watching the movie) Of course there are some exception to this, and I have the feeling Asimov’s works are in this category.

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