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Low-carb nonsense


My mom is an “Atkins”: advocate, and has converted many around her to the low-carb clan. I still don’t buy it as the healthier life style it is said to be, but for medium-term weight loss it sure works. Atkins has been around for a while, but Asia is only catching up in the last 2 years or so.

Now we starts to see low-carb product and menu popping up, with wide variety but one thing in common. They are so damn expensive.

I’m sure most of them are marketing fad, and to do an Atkin’s one need not do more than plan their food well. But these low-carb product must make people feel they are _really into the regime,_ and feel good about it, cuz they are flying off the shelves around where I live.

Of course when something’s _in,_ you don’t have to wait long for stupid products to show up, riding the wave. Here come

low carb knifes
“J.A.Henckels Professional S Low-Carb Cutlery Set”:–133101442.html

low carb kitchen tools
and “Progressive 12-Pc. Low Carb Food Prep Set”:

hat tip: “Jeffrey Veen”: (the site he linked to got taken down. )

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