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A little polishing


So far I’ve been quite happy with the new site design. The main content are is wider and I can include larger pictures. The various modules for Drupal 4.5 has duly arrived and all functionality are restored.

Yesterday I have been polishing some rough edges around here. The main thing is the navigation at the top, which took quite a bit of time to get right (mainly because CSS oddities in IE). I also

* updated the “colophon”:/colophon and “credits”:/credits page
* improve the search functionality. Now a query will invoke a search directly in the SQL database, instead of on regularly-updated index.
* made “thai blog”:/blog/thai and “english blog”:/blog/english sections, which are available from the weblog submenu. The usual address “”: gives combined blog.
* added link to “Living with Your PC,”:/yourpc my thai articles on basic computer stuffs.
* updated the “Friends Map.”:/friendsmap It is still flash-based, but now uses a better faster engine. The graininess is still a problem and you still can’t resolve all the peoples in Bangkok. I’ll get around to add a local map some day.
* added PhotoBlogroll.

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