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been busy


It was almost 3 days since I wrote anything. I wish there is more than 24 hours in a day, or that I don’t _need_ all 8 hours of sleep to feel awake.

* “Bangkok Metroblog”: site is up. We’re the 3rd city in Asia, besides Tokyo and Istanbul. There’re currently 7 bloggers, and I must be only one who hasn’t write anything yet. Sorry guys. bang_chris will join the party soon.
* It’s raining everyday.
* Kirsten Dunst looks gorgeous in “Wimbledon,”: but I suspect she can’t play tennis for her life. As the top seed, we see little of her with a racquet in the whole film.
* For the thousandth time, I typed “555” in MSN and the other party didin’t understand. In thai, it would read “HaHaHa”. Should I have typed ๕๕๕ ?
* There is no stray dogs in Singapore, but stray cats are aplenty. I like this. They’re cleaner and, importantly, less scary. 😛 But I would never consider having cats as pet over dogs. Although cat _and_ dog would be nice, if they get along.
* The “feed list”:/feedlist is still growing. No thanks to this “cool site”: that lets me read Google News via RSS.
* I’m slowly building a “wish list”:[email protected] with “Froogle.”: I will have to figure out a way to put the list on this site’s side bar though.

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