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2 new ways to use BitTorrent

These are not exactly cutting edge news, but I bet many would not have heard of them. Of course BitTorrent is great and wonderful, and was recently said to account for 35% of all internet traffic (which I think is total bollocks), but the concept is a little harder to grasp than other P2P network. Today I read about BlogTorrent and RSS+BitTorrent, one makes it more accessible, the other makes it _very_ convenient.

h3. Blog Torrent

is a not-so-well-thought-of name of a rather-well-thought-off scheme to let the general mass use BT, perhaps without even knowing what they are doing. Their new website is “here,”:http://www.blogtorrent.com/ but I find the explaination there very ambiguous. Their “old website”:http://www.downhillbattle.org/labs/battletorrent/ explains it more clearly.

The idea is to make it simpler to use BT, both for seeders and leechers. Especially when the seeder want to distribute their own stuffs, and not wanting to use other people’s tracker.

* Seeders no longer need to create .torrent file themself. A web interface (interacting with the tracker) creates it for them, while they only need to browse to the file to share, excatly like selecting which file to attach to an e-mail. The torrent is then automatically uploaded to the tracker to be download by anyone.
The tracker is written in pure PHP and does not need MySQL, meaning you just upload it to a web space and you have a functioning tracker.
* Leechers click a link, which download a single .exe file. Upon executing the file, it installs a minimalist BT client. The client then starts downloading the file right away. It can’t get much simpler than that, can it? 🙂 Try the “live demo.”:http://www.downhillbattle.org/labs/battletorrent/demo/


# Of course, the file for leechers to download is not small. It bundled a working client, and is about 2MB in size.
# Leechers only need to download the client once, the next time the tracker knows the user has it and instead send a normal .torrent file when users click the link.
# For peoples who already is using BT, normal link to .torrent file is provided. The tracker do all these works.

h3. RSS + BitTorrent

RSS helps you keep up with regularly updated information. BT helps you download big files with ease. Combine them and you get utopia for TV Series junkie! This idea has been floating around since March this year. Amazingly, no one has come up with a name for this scheme yet. The idea is:

* Your tracker of choice provide RSS feed of all torrent posted to the server.
* A program check these feeds regularly, and match the content with whatever text (actually, regular expression) you specify, like “Ally McBeal”.
* When there is a match, it downloads the torrent for you and starts downloading right away.

People say this is like having TiVo on your PC, and they are not very wrong.

Problem is, how do you manage all the steps above? Or more exactly, which piece of software can do it for you? I haven’t find a none-geek method until today. This “post”:http://pealco.net/archives/2004/11/08/how_to_never_miss_an_episode_with_bittorrent_and_rss by “pealco.net”:http://pealco.net/ describes a plugin for “Azureus”:http://azureus.sourceforge.net/ (a quite good BT client) that does it all for you, no programming required. I like “BitComet”:http://www.bitcomet.com/ better than Azureus, but this RSS thing might be a good enough reason to switch back.

One good torrent site for TV series is BTEfnet.com. Now that’s why BT is beautiful. With it, I am very happy to share a download site with others. It makes my download faster! 😉

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