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I “said”: before I’m not really happy with Blogger and Xanga. People should choose whichever tool they are most comfortable with, and many have chosen these two for their ease of use. No complaint there. But when it comes to letting people participate on your site, I really cannot accept having to register to be able to comment. (or be forever called “Anonymous”, in blogger’s case.)

WordPress is a very good alternative and I have “recommended”: it in the past. But it requires installing on your own web space, and that exclude many users out there.

Now come “BlogThing.”: This site offer free WordPress blog, and it is not any harder to have a site with them than, say, blogger. It is

* Free
* Comes with “FTP space”: so you can keep image files
* Have photoblog feature (using WordPress’s Exhibit plugin) “sample”:
* Able to easily “import content from blogger account.”:
* Basically wordpress bundled with some of the nicer plugins, and much better than blogger. (Except for the default themes, blogger uses many professional designers for theirs, and it says)
* Has full-featured comment and trackback system.

If you are using Blogger now, you can try signing up with blogthing and import your old posts. It won’t break your blogger account, so why don’t try it out to see if you like it. 🙂

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