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Wedding Across the Street


“Recent statistics”: show that about 85% of singapore’s population live in public housing, a.k.a. HDB flats. These are 10–12 floor building, each holding thousands of life. As I sit here typing, looking to my right through the window there is one such building. They are everywhere and look semi-identical.

typical Housing Development Board flat

When I first arrived, lifes in these building seemed to me sad and lacking characters. The concept of neighbourhood only loosly exists. But I have grown to like it a little bit more now. 🙂 People do live life, eat, sleep…and get married…in these buildings. When your home is unit #05-121, the closest thing to your front yard is probably the space on ground floor, which people do use as function hall.

Today there is a malay wedding ceremony across the street, and I happened to have my tiny camera with me. So I took some snaps.

wedding under HDB flatThere’re about a hundred guests. Too bad I can’t get a closer shot, but I thought it might be rude to crash the gate. (not that there’s a gate, or door, or wall for that matter :P)

wedding kitchen Kitchen is just nearby.

the love mobile No wedding is complete without big pink bows on your car, eh? 🙂

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