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Kubrick for Drupal

Starting from a post on, I have tried to port the now famous Kubrick theme by Michael Heilemann to Drupal.

I have tried kubrick when it was just released. Comparing the current version to that, I have to say the already-great theme has become even better. The installation now is very easy (on WordPress). And it just looks so smooth indeed!

For the Drupal port, I have taken the frontpage template of kubrick. (Kubrick has different template for frontpage, individual post page, and archive page). There are some fundamental differences between Drupal and WordPress, so it is more than just a matter of replacing wordpress tagg with phptemplate tags. This is still ongoing, but it's quite late in this part of the world and I will wait for some feedback before continueing.

Update: Read more about Kubrick for Drupal and download it here.

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