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New Hard Disk

Ever growing stuffs on your hard drive. I kept having to write stuffs to CDR or DVDR every few days, and I’ve got tired of it. Before today, the hard drives situation was

  • 10 GB C: (system)
  • 30 GB D: (data)

Yesterday I bought a new 80 GB drive for S$105 and my plan was to use this as the new “data” drive, and use the old 30 GB drive for system. First I copy the data to the new disk and do a quick format on the 30 GB.

  • 10 GB C: (system)
  • 30 GB D: (empty)
  • 80 GB E: (new data)

Pieces of softwares refer to files on the data disk, even as I tried not to have them do that. So I need to change the drive letter to let these naughty programs work again.

  • 10 GB C: (system)
  • 30 GB E: (empty)
  • 80 GB D: (new data)

Of course, to move the system over to the 30 GB I can’t just copy & paste. There are a few programs around to take care of this. I only have one, Norton Ghost 2003, and it does the job. (after 20 painful minutes)

  • 10 GB C: (system)
  • 30 GB E: (new system)
  • 80 GB D: (new data)

Next step involes actual moving around of the disks inside the computer case, after which I ended up with

  • 30 GB C: (new system)
  • 80 GB D: (new data)
  • 10 GB lying on my bed

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