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2nd day: Interview and Theme Parks


The interview was at 3pm, and I wasn’t doing much before that. The company’s pretty far away but easy to find. We had a good chat for about 2 hours and I will be waiting to hear back from them, hopefully with a fat offer. 😉 I was given the impression that, although my training only fits about 50% of the job description, that was about the best around as this is not a new field at all.

The dinner was again _nice!_ Pig’s stomach soup with pickled lettuce and lots of pepper. That and hot steamed rice and I am good.

My brother and I was about to go out to this new theme park near our place. There are two of them in town now, a really big one in Muang Thong Thani and another on Ratchada Rd. We could get to the 2nd one real easy by the underground train, but I was having a bit of fever (gosh, bangkok is cool) and my brother mr-big-shot-fund-manager had to get up early, so we decided to stay in.

So I cought up with “Guyver, the bio suit” volume 1-19 instead. I love having comic rental shop nearby. 🙂

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