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3rd day: Bali and Mr Incredible


Waking up at 10:30am, I didn’t have much time before I’m off on the BTS to Ploenchit. I was feeling my way around for a while before finding Soi Ruam Rudi. A few hundred metres inside and on the left is Bali Restaurant. “Bali” is my mom’s favorite indonesian food and her group’s meeting place. When she heard recently that it was not doing well, she decided to go in and straighthen it up.

I heard she had done a little renovation, added some dozen items to the menu (with the help of my grandma in Jakarta), and revived the dying back garden. And it looks quite nice when I arrived almost noon today. (The pictures will have to wait until I got back to Singapore)

At 50-110 a dish, it’s not the cheapest or steepest. But the five of us kept ordering more and more, and after 10+ dishes and plenty of desserts, it came out at about 200 baht each. Totally worth it.

Indonesian food is similar to Malay’s, both the taste and dishes’ names. But I like it that there’s more than curry in the menu, and the few chinese touches sprinkled in are rather to my taste. (I still can’t explain how cow’s tail soup fits in, but it was _ghood._ )

After the 3 hour lunch I went to see “The Incredibles” for the 2nd time with my friend and her little brother (who are both hyperactive and hilareous 😀 ) The movie is so much better on big screen, compared to my 15″ LCD. I can even see the fabric texture of the ‘original’ blue incredible suit. Edna Mode is so cute and reminded me of one of the older James Bond’s assistance.

Another nice home-cooked dinner, “umm milk” ice cream, chocolate cake from Mousses & Meringues, “Kotaro L” vol. 1-8, and “Ko Da Gun” vol. 1-12, and I’m happily tucked away.

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