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4th Day: Suki


Days can be really short when one wakes up at 1:30pm. :S Before I know it, we were in the car driving to Siam Square. It was my personal request to have a ‘Suki’ meal once in my visit.

Our family, like many others in Thailand, is a loyal fan of MK Suki. It is like an institution, and ‘Suki’ and ‘MK’ can almost be used interchangably. But today Jess has challenged the MK monopoly. Behind our back, he had sneaked out and do the unthinkable. He had _other_ Suki. (you rascal!)

Canton Suki

As if that wasn’t enough, today he persuaded the whole family to try it. “Coming out of the safe zone”, said he. Well, there we were, after some struggling from me and my mom. Canton is about as old as MK, but hasn’t expand the way MK consumed the nation. But looking at the menu, you will see 90% of the things you can find in MK. And the taste wasn’t so bad either. Highlights of the day were the shrimp balls & squid balls, which were quite better than anything MK had to offer. The other fresh ingredients are not much different. But, in the end, we’ll probably have our next Suki in MK. Simple reason: the sauce. MK’s is just more tasty. And when the whole cooking process involved dipping your ingredients in boiling water, sauce is everything.

Come to think about it, what we called Suki in Thailand might be the tastiest thing you can get if you’re on Atkins. I don’t know about other peoples, but we hardly ever had rice on the side. It’s just vegetable and dozen kinds of meat & seafood. Taking out the _whatever_-balls and dumpling, and there’s a low carb meal for you! 😀

*Extra reading:* “Sukiyaki — Thai Fondue”:

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