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5th Day: Crazy Night Out


It was a shame the blogger meet-up hadn’t materialized. There wasn’t a conclusion until the last minute, so I took up other promises instead.

Starbucks opposite Apple Centre

I met “Mk”: (Isriya) for the first time today. I was still lost in the city and he’s nice enough to come all the way to meet me in Siam Centre. We had a good chat over dinner in Fuji and went to check prices at the “Apple Centre.”: Macs are even more gorgeous up close! Note: Starbucks across the hall from the Apple Centre is like the Apple Cafe. 2 days ago, I saw 5 iBook and a powerbook in the place, and there’re only about 10 tables!

After that I went back to work on his project, while I went home to wait for nightfall. Somehow, I had arrangements with 3 groups of people tonight.

* Non & Tee — mates from London
* Joe — teammate from Mahidol
* Kong+ from highschool

As it turned out, I ask all to meet in Lumpini Park’s beer garden. We had about a pint each before going out to a weird karaoke place on Ratchada Rd. Further details about the night out will be kept for black-mailing purpose. 😉

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