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Christmas Carol

Today, after burying myself in pile of papers figuring out how to explain why MMI waveguide is better than band-edge inline photodetectors, I took my first shower at 5pm and start out to town. The journey to Esplanade took exactly an hour, and the first tune was sang almost as I set foot into the area. I thought the first round starts at 7pm, but it was actually 6:30.

Today’s is the 2nd day of the open performance by ACJC Choir. I was there because one of my friend is in the band. He’s one of the alumni member, anyway. ACJC Choir is one of the best band in pre-university level and has won awards island wide for the last decade or so, and I was not disappointed.

The Choir image

Most of the song selections are very familiar, and easy to listen to. (as far as Choir goes) I especially like the last 2 songs, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, and a very upbeat version of ‘Merry Christmas”. Jolly good time. : )

As this is not one of the main events,… it was staged in an open area outside the state-of-the-art theatre. But according to my friend, the acoustic design is still very good.

Tower of Sushi

The performance lasted about 30 minutes, then the band went to prepare for the 8pm round. So I helped myself to the nice selection of restaurants down the bay area. It was my usual fix of sushi. Salmon, Unagi, half-baked salmon sashimi (very nice!), and california handroll. The dessert was green tea icecream with red bean paste & moji.

And the second round ( 😛 )of dessert was single espresso and the best chocolate cake I’ve had, ever. I wish I had taken picture, but by the time I tasted the first bite, it was too late. The cake is called ‘Whisky Mud’, and was described to me by the enthusiastic waitress as a dark chocolate mud fudge and their all-time favorite.

It was just exquisite.

The dessert place is called ‘The V Tea Room’, where V stands for ‘Venetian volumes of Venusian virtues’. The decor is Victorian from chairs to walls to the menu. Superficial? May be. But with the cakes they’ve got, I’ll forgive them for almost anything.

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