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Theming Zombie (Manji for Drupal)


As I said in my previous post, I am quite seriously down with stomach ulcer right now. Yesterday I couldn’t even sit up straight in front of the computer. And while that is possible today, I haven’t gain enough strength to actually leave my flat.

So, what do I do? Simple. I ported another theme to Drupal. This time it is “Manji”: 1.01 by “Khaled Abou Alfa.”: (Luckily I didn’t have the energy to do the port yesterday, as Khaled has updated Manji from 1.0 to “1.0.1”: just hours ago) After the experience of porting “Kubrick”: and “Persian”: — and making “Pebble theme”: for this site — I can pretty much let my instict take over. I just need to open Dreamweaver and TopStyle, and my hands start moving on its own. Replacing tags, tweaking stylesheet, validating from time to time.

Manji for Drupal screenshot

I did stopped for lunch, but that didn’t take long as I can pretty much only have warm porridge now.

Anyway, I was really happy I did it, cuz Manji is such a piece of art. Its grey color palette and aqua look can go with most logo image you choose to use, and if you decide to skin it. Manji is very obliging. (Example “here”: and “here”: )

*update* Manji is now “available for download”: from Read more about the port “here”: .

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