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The Quake


As luck would have it, the quake was large at sea. Singapore has the whole of Sumatra island standing in the way between itself and the quake centre, otherwise I would have wake up to a different morning yesterday. The peoples on India and Sri Lanka coast, and of course Sumatra’s, weren’t as fortunate. Death toll had rised from 300 when I first heard the news to now 5,800 on “CNN.”:

quake map december 2004

If this would happen on land, and in a crowded region, the effect would have been like a major war. Consider the Kobe quake in 1995 killed 6,000 and injured more than 400,000 peoples in Japan, and that one was a magnitude 7.2 to this one 8.9.

The “Richter scale”: is logarithmic, meaning the difference between a 8.9 and a 7.2 is about 50 times in released energy. Kid you not!

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