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Mourinho for Prime Minister


Jose Mourinho portugese book cover
Imran from Bradford, a festive phone-in caller to BBC Five Live, probably gets my vote for the most off-the-wall offering of “Things we would like to see in 2005” when he said, seemingly in all seriousness, that he would like Jose Mourinho to be Britain’s next prime minister. “He is honest, a great leader and he calls it how it is” was the gist of the argument. So, step aside Mr Blair.

It is an interesting, if slightly bonkers, concept. But the stubbly chinned one would certainly cause a stir. The Chelsea manager’s Portuguese nationality might count against him. But in his favour Mourinho is a man who clearly knows what he wants; he has an uncanny knack of realising his ambitions and is not exactly hamstrung by self-doubt or false modesty.

John Rawling in “Guardian”:,9753,1382500,00.html

It’s nice to see our man is famous among neutral supporters. 😉

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