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Still in the groove from Last.FM, I’ve found another nice music-related service called MusicBrainz. I am still a bit confused of all the features, but at least there is nothing vague about their little free application called MB Tagger.

This fellow is now doing the round on my harddrive, reading all my MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files and checking them against the main database. It then updates the ID3 tags so the artist/album/track names are correct. To think all these are done automatically is just amazing!

I won’t pretend to understand how it works. On the site, they mentioned creating a small music fingerprint of each song, and check that against the database. So it works even if your songs are home-ripped, and you were too lazy to enter the info by hand.

This will also make my profile on Last.FM more accurate, yay!

Of the first 300 songs it gobbled up, the program correctly identified > 200, confused about 70, and left about 40 songs which it doesn’t know. I guess I will try updating their database for these un-id songs.

It’s a shame the site doesn’t support unicode in ID3 tags. But a great service nontheless. 🙂

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