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Sherlock Holmes’ English


sherlock holmes book cover

My bed time reading this week has been “Sherlock Holmes — The complete illustrated short stories”. These stories were publish in _The Strand,_ and has all the original black & white illustrations, which I like.

I’m a Sherlock Holmes’ fan. I like it that important clues are usually obvious, and you can guess the end correctly most of the time, but can still enjoy reading the investigations’ details.

The stories took place around year 1890, and some of the language are quite old-fashioned.


is when you strike someone with a stick or butt-end of a pistol, usually done at night, alone, in secluded area, not by thousands of teenagers, together, all night long.
is when friends are very close, like a buddy, but not _that_ close. “Holmes and I were intimate”, said Dr Watson. How weird is that? Although I fear to search the internet cuz I know there are all kind of fanfictions out there.
a cab
is a hansom, hourse drawn, two-wheeled carriage, and the driver kind of sit above your head.
described something very weird, not an artistic style.
a constable
is a regular police officer.
The london underground
strangely wasn’t very different back then.

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